From Apprentice To Artisan

本书详细介绍了 Laravel 框架涉及的各种软件理念和工具,如依赖注入、控制反转容器、面向接口编程等。

Author's Note 作者自序

Since creating the Laravel framework, I have received numerous request for a book containing guidance on building well-architected, complex applications. As each application is unique, such a book requires that the counsel remains general, yet practical and easily applicable to a variety of projects.

自从编写了 Laravel 框架之后,我收到了大量让我写书的请求。想让我出一本关于如何建造具有良好架构的复杂应用的指南。由于每一个应用程序都是独特的,这就需要此书讲述的是通用且实用的理论,同时易于在各种项目中实施。

So, we will begin by covering the foundational elements of dependency injection, then take an in-depth look at service providers and application structure, as well as an overview of the SOLID design principles. A strong knowledge of these topics will give you a firm foundation for all of your Laravel projects.

因此我们将从基础要素之一的依赖注入开始讲起,接着是深入了解服务提供者和应用程序结构, 以及“坚实”设计原则。这些主题的中心思想会给你的 Laravel 项目奠定坚实的理论基础。

If you have any further questions about advanced architecture on Laravel, or wish to see something added to the book, please e-mail me. I plan to expand the book further based on community feedback, so your ideas matter!

如果你对 Laravel 上的高级架构有更进一步的问题的话,或者想在本书看到更多没讲到的东西,请给我发电子邮件。我打算基于社区的反馈来进一步扩展本书,所以你的意见很重要!

Finally, thank you so much for being a part of the Laravel community. You have all helped make PHP development more enjoyable and exciting for thousands of people around the world. Code happy!

最后,十分感谢 Laravel 社区的每一个人。你们为世界上成千上万的 PHP 开发者做出了巨大的贡献,使得 PHP 开发变得更好玩更令人激动。祝编码快乐!

Taylor Otwell

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